Powerful yet easy to use

With Mailer, sending newsletters for your organization or business is easy. Even complex use cases with multiple edits and re-sends are covered. Mailer also reads contacts from your customer database or CRM system. Summarized, Mailer solves your email newsletter needs. And it runs on your webserver.

Sending is easy

Mailer makes sending emails easy for anybody. With our editor, you focus on content, not email design. At the same time, perfectly looking emails are guaranteed.

Unlimited tests

For previewing the newsletter email, send as many test emails as you want to anybody you want. Be it your colleagues, your boss, or yourself – send tests and improve content.

Duplicate, edit and resend

It often happens that you forgot recipients in the initial send, or want to re-send an email later on. Mailer supports both scenarios by offering email duplication and resend features.

Custom templates

Mailer allows your designer to create the email templates freely. Use as many as you want, have special templates designed and uploaded for special occasions or promotions, at no additional costs.

Import recipients

Mailer can read any CSV (Excel or spreadsheet) file format. As all CRM systems and databases, like FileMaker, can export CSV files, Mailer is ready to send newsletters to all your customers and contacts.

Worry-free unsubscribes

Many anti-spam acts require senders not to send newsletter emails to unsubscribed recipients. Mailer handles this for you, even when recipients are re-imported from your database.

Your own server

Mailer becomes installed on your servers, using the (bulk) email service of your choice. Whether simple SMTP or professional bulk mail server, the software itself remains under your control.