A ton of features for creative freedom

A complete list of useful features that help you to send the marketing newsletters your organization or business requires.

Create and send

  • send as many newsletters as you want
  • send to as many recipients as you want
  • edit email content through Mailer’s distraction-free user interface
  • switch templates anytime
  • duplicate, edit and resend previously sent newsletters
  • add recipients
  • resend to unsent recipients
  • manage unsubscribed recipients automatically
  • preview in browser
  • send test emails to unlimited email addresses
  • don’t worry about image size and resolution when uploading

Template creation

  • any email-capable HTML will do
  • ready for responsive (mobile) emails!
  • use multiple templates at a time
  • use texts and images
  • use repeaters for multiple content blocks
  • use custom fields for recipients, like first and last names
  • uploaded images are automatically resized if necessary
  • have your designer create the template
  • optional: have the design coded by us

Database integration

  • import any CSV file with recipients (email addresses)
  • export recipients from your FileMaker or CRM database
  • unsubscribed recipients will not receive future emails even if re-imported

Server requirements

  • industry-standard web hosting package or (virtual) server
  • PHP 5.3 and MySQL database
  • easiest install on a separate subdomain
  • ideally, a bulk email sending solution

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • get regular updates
  • get monthly support hours for any problems
  • get new email templates coded